New straw-fired boiler supplies green district heating

12 MW straw-fired plant for Auning district heating facility

The new straw-fired plant at Auning district heating facility is fully integrated with two existing production units, a wood pellet-fired boiler and a reserve straw-fired boiler.

New boiler design accepts straw of varying quality
In recent years, the market for straw has been characterised by poorer-quality straw than previously, which presents challenges for straw-fired boilers.

“The fluctuating quality has forced us to change the boiler design so that the boiler can increasingly accept both damp and dry straw and still ensure smooth operation,” says John Martin Myrup, a biomass plant specialist at Verdo.

The plant in Auning has also been prepared for a second boiler, while the fuel storage can be doubled, which was not the case with the existing boiler system. Moreover, the plant is future-proofed with scope for expansion and change of the chosen fuel source.

Facts about the project

  • Fuel: straw from Danish cereals
  • Plant output: 12 MW
  • Temperature: flow max. 110 °C and return 40 °C
  • Commissioning: End of 2019

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We have optimised the boiler design so that the plant can increasingly accept both damp and dry straw and still ensure smooth operation. John Martin Myrup, sales manager for biomass plants at Verdo

Watch the video – installation of key components

See the picture series from week 15 (12-18 April) when the main components were assembled:

  • Boiler support frame
  • Combustion grate
  • Radiation part
  • Convection part
  • Bag filters
  • Flue

All the major components were assembled in one day. Altogether, 128 tonnes were transported, lifted and fitted.

The project in pictures

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Energy from waste in Kongsvinger, Norway

The installation is used to provide district heating from burning locally sourced waste wood from building demolition and recycling centres. The energy plant is fully automatic including fuel feeding system, which means it can operate with a minimum of supervision during the weekends and holidays. 

Future-proof straw boiler for Auning District Heating

The new Verdo straw boiler line delivered to Auning district heating plant is characterized by high efficiency and the possibility of burning straw of various heating value.

Intelligent technology allows for optimal use of fuel 

Balling-Rødding is another Danish district heating plant to which Verdo has supplied a 5.5 MW wood-chips fired boiler line. To secure optimal combustion of wood chips of quite wide moisture content, Verdo has implemented an intelligent control system.

Innovative energy plant in the making

A combination of existing technology and experience with new knowledge creates a new innovative energy plant in Kjellerup, Denmark. Kjellerup District Heating is looking forward to a energy plant with the newest technology and high efficiency.

New straw-fired boiler for Auning District Heating

Watch the video of the great straw-fired boiler in the making in Auning, Denmark. It is an impressive project that is going to deliver sustainable heating for the citizens of Auning.

We are looking back at a succesful installation of the main components.

Halvrimmen-Arentsminde CHP plant

The installation of a 1MW biomass-fired plant at Halvrimmen-Arentsminde CHP plant has optimised district heating production significantly and reduced prices for consumers.

Langå Heating Plant

The result of a creative solution: Efficiency increased to 109% and reduced operating costs at Langå heating plant.

Maribo Heating Plant

A new wood chip boiler plant has future-proofed Maribo heating plant in addition to achieving an efficiency of 123% and fuel savings of more than DKK 1 million a year.

For more information, please contact

John Martin Myrup

Sales Manager | Energy Plants, biomass