Mission and vision

Our mission

Our mission in Verdo is to operate and develop sustainable critical infrastructure for the benefit of customers and future society based on heating, water, electricity and technical infrastructure. 

The keywords in our mission are sustainable, customers and society. That is what we are here for. We are to maintain and secure critical infrastructure to our customers, and we must do it responsibly for the benefit of future society and the next generations.

Our vision

In Verdo we work for sustainable solutions in order to put a green footprint on the future. 

We will be a green step ahead - together. 

That means that we constantly seek to optimize our solutions to even more sustainable technologies without it having a negative impact on our customers. Together we can move the green transition. Therefore, we cannot reach our vision alone. We must do it together. 

From ressources to green results 







We have sustainable development on our agenda

Social corporate responsibility and sustainable development are a natural part of Verdo. The principles of the UN Global Compact and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are integrated in our daily work with CSR and in our vision: Creating sustainable energy which makes a world of difference.