Wood chips

– a sustainable solution for the future

Biofuels play an important role in a green transition

Globally, many utilities and industrial companies have switched from fossil fuels to sustainable solutions. Others have started this process or are seriously considering it. Biofuels such as wood chips and energy logs play an important role in a green transition.

Since 2009, Verdo has annually sourced more than 200,000 tons of wood chips from the international market to produce heat and power in our own CHP plant. This extensive international sourcing experience and know-how enable us to provide professional, high-quality service to our many customers around the world.

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It’s all about achieving the right combination of quality, sustainability, security and price – and to perform to the benefit of our customers. Henrik Nørbo Mosegaard, Interim Division Director, Verdo Trading

Wood chips and energy logs from all over the world – reliable supply

The market for wood chips varies constantly, which, among other things, is due to variations in the weather. However, one thing is certain: the global demand for wood chips is rising as the conversion from fossil to renewable fuels continues. Verdo's reliable, international sourcing network ensures that you are less vulnerable to fluctuations. We are constantly uncovering new sourcing markets, and our vast, global network of suppliers protects you against failing deliveries, as well as allowing you to choose the wood chips that are best suited for your conditions.

Optimise the fuel for your energy plant

The right choice of fuel is a combination of many parameters, including your own requirements regarding price, security of supply, quality, and sustainability. Once we have mapped your needs, we use our expertise and extensive international sourcing network to find and deliver the best fuel for your plant.

Certified sustainable wood.
The obvious choice

The need for sustainable fuel must be met – both now and in the future. This requires responsible forestry operations. We give priority to international sustainability certifications and are proud to have qualified for the following certifications: FSC® Chain of Custody, SBP Chain of Custody, PEFC Chain of Custody and NEPCon Generic Chain of Custody.

These certifications are your guarantee that Verdo’s wood-based fuels comply with national and international sustainability requirements.

From residual wood to green energy

Large amounts of excess wood from certified forests around the world are discarded as waste every year. This wood is highly valuable for the green energy production, as the waste has a high and uniform quality. Verdo specialises in finding, sourcing, and implementing efficient supplies in order to offer this type of residual wood. In addition to utilizing the wood in our own energy production in Denmark, we also deliver to other utilities. As an example, we have supplied wood chips from Africa to the state-owned Irish energy company Bord na Móna. 

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Henrik Nørbo Mosegaard

Interim Division Director Trading