Wood pellets

Reliable deliveries of wood pellets in the right quality

Wood pellets produced from 100% sustainable residual biomass

Our wood pellets are produced from certified sustainable residual biomass from sawmilling operations and from low-value trees, tops, limbs, and other waste from logging.

Whether you resell wood pellets or work professionally with heating and energy production, we draw on our long-standing experience when we advise you on essential quality parameters such as uniformity, moisture content, ash content and calorific value. You get the quality you need.

More choices – high uniformity and quality

At Verdo you find wood pellets in the form of bagged and branded products, bulk goods and private label wood pellets – both 6 mm and 8 mm. Before you receive your wood pellets, they have been tested by independent inspectors.

  • Premium
    Premium wood pellets meet the highest standards on the market. The pellets are extraordinary white pellets that come from few selected manufactures. This guarantees a high and uniform quality. With a high calorific value and a low ash content below 0.4%, the pellets are ideal for residential heating.

  • Standard
    Standard wood pellets are good quality at a reasonable price. The colour may vary slightly because the wood pellets come from different manufacturers. All wood pellets meet Verdo’s high quality standards. The wood pellets have a high calorific value and a low ash content around 0.5%
  • Industrial
    Industrial wood pellets are suitable for combined heating and power plants and for industrial facilities that are flexible and able to use wood pellets of varying quality with a slightly higher ash content. Industrial wood pellets are available in different grades with an ash content of around 1-3%. Meet I2 specifications.

Certified sustainable wood.
The obvious choice

The need for sustainable fuel must be met – both now and in the future. This requires responsible forestry operations. We give priority to international sustainability certifications and are proud to have qualified for the following certifications: FSC® Chain of Custody, SBP Chain of Custody, PEFC Chain of Custody and NEPCon Generic Chain of Custody.

These certifications are your guarantee that Verdo’s wood-based fuels comply with national and international sustainability requirements.

It is important that our customers feel secure and always get the agreed quality at the agreed time. Mette Brandt, Bioenergy Manager, Verdo

Quick and secure delivery

With our long-standing experience in the wood pellet industry combined with a strong sourcing network and logistics set-up, your lead time from order to delivery is short. Have your wood pellets delivered by vessel to a port of your choice.

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Mette Brandt

Bioenergy Manager | Wood pellets, wood briquettes, alternative biofuels

License Code: FSC® C125676