Certified sustainable biofuels

- your guarantee for sustainable and responsible forestry

Caring for the environment with certifications

With increasing consumption of wood - both in the energy sector and society in general - the need for sustainable forestry becomes greater. This creates a natural focus on certification and documentation, and international certifications play an important role.

As an energy group, it is our role to push the forest industry in a more responsible and sustainable direction. Together with our suppliers and partners, we want to create the most sustainable future. We care for the environment and work seriously with sustainability through certifications.

Verdo has the following certificates  


FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) is an international non-profit labeling scheme for the wood and paper industry. Products with the FSC label originate from forests where no more wood is felled than the forest reproduces. In 2015, as the first energy company in Denmark, Verdo was FSC Chain of Custody (CoC) certified.

License code: FSC® C125676

SBP Biomass Producer

Becoming a certified Biomass Producer in 2020 takes us even further when it comes to implementing SBP in our supply system. Being a certified Biomass Producer enables us to verify any supply chain in our supply program covered by the Sustainable Biomass Program – and to assist producers of biomass to ensure that their sustainable material can enter the marked and become useful in the transition from fossil to renewable energy.


PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification] is one of the world's leading forest certification systems. It is a certification of the forest area and the products it delivers. In the spring of 2019, Verdo was PEFC Chain of Custody [CoC] certified to trade with PEFC certified biomass.

License code: PEFC/09-31-131

With certifications, we ensure documentation for sustainable and responsible procurement. Mette Brandt,BioenergyManager, Verdo.

Certified sustainable wood.
The obvious choice

The need for sustainable fuel must be met – both now and in the future. This requires responsible forestry operations. We give priority to international sustainability certifications and are proud to have qualified for the following certifications: FSC® Chain of Custody, SBP Chain of Custody, PEFC Chain of Custody and NEPCon Generic Chain of Custody.

These certifications are your guarantee that Verdo’s wood-based fuels comply with national and international sustainability requirements.

Optimise the fuel for your energy plant

The right choice of fuel is a combination of many parameters, including your own requirements regarding price, security of supply, quality, and sustainability. Once we have mapped your needs, we use our expertise and extensive international sourcing network to find and deliver the best fuel for your plant.

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Line Risgaard Mortensen

Quality and Sustainability Coordinator | Fuel and biomass