Intelligent wood chips boiler line in Balling-Rødding

Intelligent technology allows for optimal use of fuel

Balling-Rødding is another Danish district heating plant to which Verdo has supplied a 5.5 MW wood-chips fired boiler line. To secure optimal combustion of wood chips of quite wide moisture content, Verdo has implemented an intelligent control system. Additionally, a heat pump has been connected to the boiler system. With this solution, the temperature of the exhaust gases can be reduced to 15-20 degrees.

The new plant, which replaced two older boiler lines, meets the stricter requirements of environmental regulations introduced in Denmark in 2019. The technology used in this heating plant is usually used only in large installations. Verdo, however, has taken up the challenge and developed the right solutions so this technology could be used in smaller installations.

We have implemented intelligent technology that optimizes the combustion process and makes operation more efficient. This gives us the desired environmental benefits and meets stricter environmental regulations.  John Martin Myrup, Sales Manager, Verdo.

Intelligent technology ensures the right temperature in the boiler plant

Wood chips can have a moisture content range of 30-55%, which means that more than half of the wood chips volume can potentially be water that cannot be burnt. However, with the technology used in Balling-Rødding heating plant, it is now possible to use wood chips of high moisture content in a more environmentally friendly way.

Verdo has developed an intelligent control system that ensures the optimal combustion temperature regardless of the quality of wood chips. What is more, a common interface is used for the overall control system, which is designed to manage the whole boiler plant, heat pump and also the new solar system that Balling-Rødding had built. This makes the control of the whole plant both user-friendly and future-proof.

All the energy from the flue gas

In addition to optimizing the combustion process in Balling-Rødding boiler plant, a heat pump, which uses thermal energy from connected condensers, has also been installed. With this solution, flue gas temperature can be reduced to 15-20 degrees compared to the previous 45-50 degrees. In the old installation, the heat recovery was not so efficient, and the additional thermal energy was not fully utilized. Thanks to the new installation, the heat recovery is now more efficient. Thus, the boiler system in Balling-Rødding can achieve higher efficiency without unnecessary loss of energy. The improved combustion process and high efficiency of the plant have a significant impact on both the reduction of the environmental footprint and the price of energy supplied to end users. The Balling-Rødding heating plant is a good example of how an ultimate solution can be achieved through partnership.

Advantages of the new plant ​


  • Intelligent control system
  • Efficient operation
  • Optimized combustion process
  • Meets stricter environmental regulations
  • Higher efficiency

Our cooperation with Verdo at all stages of the project could not have been better. It is very important to be able to engage in a constructive dialogue and find the best solutions for us. Jens Nørgaard, Operations manager, Balling-Rødding

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John Martin Myrup

Sales Manager | Energy Plants, biomass

New wood chips boiler in Balling-Rødding

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