Whistleblower - Our reporting system

Verdo is a company with an open corporate culture. We strive to maintain good business ethics.

We, however, acknowledge that unethical behaviour can occur in any organization and that an open corporate culture is not always enough to eliminate such behaviour.

To combat unethical behavior more effectively, we have introduced a whistleblower scheme since employees and other parties related to Verdo are often the first to discover such behaviour.

In the reporting form, you can swiftly and effortlessly report concerns regarding actual conditions or suspected conditions that may impact Verdo, the well-being of our employees or our society at large - on a national and global scale.

You are requested to report any violations of the Verdo Code of Conduct or violations of the law, encompassing matters such as bribery and corruption, competition law, fraud, economic crime, harassment and discrimination, international trade controls, protection of personal data and rights, the safeguarding of individuals, significant harm to the environment, as well as conflicts of interest.

The reporting system should not be used to intentionally make false accusations against individuals. False information must also not be deliberately circulated through the system.

Verdo would like to encourage you to include your name in the report. Doing so will ensure greater trust and facilitate smoother communication with us.

All reports are strictly confidential.

The actual process of reporting
When a report is received, it goes to an external partner who specializes in ensuring that reports are anonymous.

Afterwards, the report is forwarded to both Verdo's Head of Legal Affairs and the HR Director, who then ensure that the appropriate parties are notified, and that the situation is addressed accordingly. This will determine the parties involved and the subsequent process.

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