High precision positioning of heavy loads in Skørping

Impressive result of a 3 days installation work of the 4,2 MW woodchips boiler.

Despite all the challenges - limited space and access - we managed to put all the main components in place without damages or delays. I'd like to thank all cooperating partners and our own staff for their fantastic contribution on site, says enthusiastically the project leader - Jacob Eybe Holdgaard.

Skørping main components

  • 4,2 MW woodchips boiler
  • Multicyclone
  • Electrostatic precipitator
  • Flue gas scrubbers

Facts about the project

The 4,2 MW woodchips boiler is the heart of the installation of a 5,5 MW output and efficiency of up to 120 %.


  • Design pressure: 6,5 Barg
  • Design temperature: 168 °C
  • Operation temperature: 135/110 °C
  • Flue gas temperature, chimney: <20°C

Photos from the installation 

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