Complete logistics set-up

- ensures flexibility and minimises risk

Minimising risk for our customers

We offer complete logistic solutions through our own very experienced shipping department. We charter all types and sizes of vessels in huge numbers. Every year, we engage between 100 and 200 vessels worldwide to transport our goods to a huge variation of destinations. The vessels vary from coasters to panamax.

This means that we can deliver to any preferred destination/location, thereby minimising the risk the customer faces when it comes to fluctuations in freight marked and seasonal conditions.

We know the shipping marked inside out and can charter our vessels at the best possible terms to the benefit of our customers. Henrik Nørbo Mosegaard, Interim Division Director, Verdo Trading

Safe and reliable delivery


We deliver large quantities of wood chips or energy logs to a harbour of your choice.

Optimise the fuel for your energy plant

The right choice of fuel is a combination of many parameters, including your own requirements regarding price, security of supply, quality, and sustainability. Once we have mapped your needs, we use our expertise and extensive international sourcing network to find and deliver the best fuel for your plant.

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Henrik Nørbo Mosegaard

Interim Division Director Trading