Privacy Policy


The data manager is Verdo A/S ("Verdo”): CVR no. 25481968 / Agerskellet 7, 8920 Randers, Denmark / telephone +45 8911 4811 / e-mail
Verdo collects and uses personal data (including name, address, telephone number and e-mail address) to provide you with the necessary services or information.
Among the reasons why personal data may be collected are: 
  • to answer queries or requests you have sent
  • to handle orders or applications you have sent
  • to perform or otherwise fulfil obligations in connection with agreements you have entered into with Verdo
  • to forestall or solve problems with any products or services delivered to you by Verdo
  • to develop products or services that can meet your needs
In order to optimise the services offered by Verdo, the company may wish to use your personal data for direct marketing purposes. Out of respect for you, Verdo will only use your personal data for this purpose after notifying you and, if necessary, Verdo will ask for your consent before using your personal data for direct marketing.
If you would like to know if Verdo has collected or uses information about you, you can contact Verdo at the address, telephone number or e-mail address listed above. Verdo will then inform you of whether Verdo has collected or used information about you, and if so, you will receive further information about:
  • which information has been collected or used
  • the purpose of collecting or using the information in question
  • the categories of the recipients of the information
  • available information on the source of the information in question
Verdo will answer your query as quickly as possible, and if it is not possible to reply within four weeks, Verdo will notify you as to why and when you can expect to receive an answer.
If Verdo's information about you is incorrect or misleading, Verdo will correct, delete or block the information when you send a request to do so.
Verdo will regularly consider whether this personal data policy should be revised. If so, you will be able to see the revised policy on