Alternative biofuels

– reliable supplies at an attractive price

Ensure reliable supply with alternative biofuels

Due to changeable weather conditions characterised by considerable fluctuations in temperature and precipitation as well as forest fires in many parts of the world, good-quality straw, wood chips and wood pellets are – at times – in short supply. Using alternative biofuels as a supplement, it is possible to guarantee reliable supplies at attractive prices.

The benefits of alternative biofuels


  • High calorific value 16-21 GJ/ton
  • Attractively priced
  • Sustainable alternative to straw, wood chips and wood pellets
  • Higher flexibility
  • Reliable supply – in season

What is alternative biofuel?

Our alternative biofuels are residual or by-products from the production of, for example, furniture, food and cosmetics. These are products that usually go to waste, but which can be processed and turned into fuels – bringing both environmental and financial benefits.

We are continuously looking into new types of biofuels. Our goal is to guarantee our customers both reliable and attractively priced supplies. Peter Lehm, Division Director, Verdo.

What is the best product?

The best product for your production depends on your plant specifications and system settings. Some plants and systems run on pure supplements, others on co-firing and biomixes. Plant and system knowledge, adjustment and testing are important parameters when deciding which alternative biofuel to use.

Extensive experience from our own plant

At Verdo, we use both traditional and alternative biofuels at our 100% biomass-fired CHP plant in Randers, Denmark. Over the past decades, we have used about 1 million tonnes of biofuels and gained a great deal of knowledge and experience from our own setup. You are thus guaranteed expert advice and quality products from a strong international sourcing network.

Your delivery options 

With a strong sourcing network and logistics set-up, it is never far from ordering to delivery. Have your alternative biofuels delivered to a port of your choice. We deliver entire shiploads - 2,000-8,000 tonnes.  

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Mette Brandt

Bioenergy Manager | Wood pellets, wood briquettes, alternative biofuels

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