New 10 MW wood chip plant for Kjellerup district heating facility

New and innovative energy plant

Kjellerup district heating facility has built a new 10 MW wood chip plant to replace an existing wood chip boiler, which is now being decommissioned. In addition to the 10 MW wood chip boiler, the new plant at Kjellerup district heating facility comprises a 3 MW flue-gas condensation plant and an absorption heat pump.

Verdo supplied the new energy plant, which was commissioned at the end of 2019.

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The best of two worlds

To ensure the best possible energy efficiency under the given conditions, Verdo has used both tried-and-tested as well as innovative approaches in planning the new unit for Kjellerup district heating facility.

The plant in Kjellerup offers the best of two worlds. We have supplemented existing technology and experience with new knowledge. We hope that other customers will benefit from such solutions in future. Jørgen Holst, Sales Manager, Verdo

A 360° view of the project

Each project is looked at from every angle. Steen Bak, project manager at Verdo, adds:

“It’s important for us to take a 360° view of every project. We take a holistic approach and work closely with our customers. Lars Bjørnkær, operations manager at Kjellerup district heating facility, is innovative and knows what he wants. It’s a pleasure to work with somebody with that level of ambition. It’s our job to deliver the best possible solutions and to get everything to fall into place when delivering projects like this, and it’s therefore a big day when such a plant is finally commissioned.”

Facts about the project in Kjellerup


  • 3 MW flue-gas condensation plant
  • 10 MW woodchip boiler
  • 61,475 litres of water
  • 122-tonne boiler

The project in pictures

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