Efficient biomass-fired plants for every need

1-20 MW plants

Optimise your bottom line with a straw-fired boiler, woodchip-fired boiler or a biomass-fired boiler

In recent decades, biomass in the form of woodchips, straw and wood pellets has become an efficient fuel for district heating systems.

Using biomass to produce heat cuts production costs, allowing utilities to minimise any price increases for their heating customers.
Biomass-fired plants are incredibly efficient when configured to create the right solutions. We ensure that your plant provides maximum heat output with a high degree of efficiency.

Using biomass in energy plants benefits the climate, as using forest biomass, crops and industrial by-products to produce heat results in a far smaller carbon footprint compared to using traditional fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas and oil. By choosing a biomass plant, you are also supporting the move to tomorrow’s green, low-emission energy systems.

In 2009, we converted our own CHP plant to biomass, and today we are one of the leading suppliers in Denmark of high-efficiency biomass plants with capacities of 1-20 MW.



  • Significantly reduced energy costs
  • Environmentally friendly energy generation
  • Short payback time when converting from gas or oil
  • Reliable plant
  • Fully automatic solution

Sizes - biomass-fired plants

Model Output
BioMaster 1 1MW
BioMaster 1.5 1.5 MW
BioMaster 2 2 MW
Biomaster 3 3 MW
BioMaster 4 4 MW
BioMaster 5 5 MW
BioMaster 6.3 6.3 MW
BioMaster 8 8 MW
BioMaster 10 10 MW
BioMaster 12 10 MW
BioMaster 12 12 MW
BioMaster 15 15 MW
All the above models and sizes can be configured for firing with wood pellets, woodchips or straw.

Get inspiration from others experience

Innovative energy plant in the making

A combination of existing technology and experience with new knowledge creates a new innovative energy plant in Kjellerup, Denmark. Kjellerup District Heating is looking forward to a energy plant with the newest technology and high efficiency.

New straw-fired boiler for Auning District Heating

Watch the video of the great straw-fired boiler in the making in Auning, Denmark. It is an impressive project that is going to deliver sustainable heating for the citizens of Auning.

We are looking back at a succesful installation of the main components.

Halvrimmen-Arentsminde CHP plant

The installation of a 1MW biomass-fired plant at Halvrimmen-Arentsminde CHP plant has optimised district heating production significantly and reduced prices for consumers.

Langå Heating Plant

The result of a creative solution: Efficiency increased to 109% and reduced operating costs at Langå heating plant.

Maribo Heating Plant

A new wood chip boiler plant has future-proofed Maribo heating plant in addition to achieving an efficiency of 123% and fuel savings of more than DKK 1 million a year.

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See where we have installed biomass boilers and plants with straw or wood chips as energy sources

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A world of opportunities
The energy sector is undergoing a rapid transformation towards more efficient and eco-friendly energy. We are driven by a passion to continuously develop our solutions, to meet your need for alternative energy sources with innovative new

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