Service and maintenance

Servicing and maintaining is better than repairing.

More uptime, fewer surprises

Do your boiler tubes need replacing? Or maybe it is time for the mandatory periodic inspection? There is money to be saved and less to worry about when Verdo Energy is responsible for servicing your energy plant. Our service team of competent engineers, technicians and plumbers all have extensive experience servicing energy plants, and their know-how makes all the difference. You get the most out of your plant – in terms of uptime, service life and performance.

We offer:

  • Servicing of biomass-fired plants
  • Periodic inspections
  • Measurements of flue wear and tear
  • Measurements of corroded tube and boiler plates
  • Preventive investigations
  • Automation and control

Service level agreement

When you sign a service level agreement with us, you are guaranteed systematic and timely servicing of all relevant parts of your energy plant. The service level agreement is tailored to your plant, and may for example cover:


  • Service and repair work
  • Daily inspections of the energy plant
  • On-call service
  • Technical operation of the plant

Contact us and find out how we can help you

Andrzej Ligenza

Sales Manager

Max Pehrson Frederiksen

Chief Service Manager

Niels Christian Jørgensen

Service Manager

Service and operation pay off. Learn more about the operational and bottom-line benefits of signing a service level agreement with us.

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