Verdo is operational – as necessary, and where we can help

Due to the risk of spread of the coronovirus (COVID-19), Verdo has had to reschedule and reorganise meetings and tasks for the time being. At the same time, we are doing our utmost to help our customers resolve any challenges they may be facing and guarantee their security of supply.

We continue to perform all tasks that are critical to maintaining the functioning of society and any tasks which we can perform without any risk of infection.

We are continuing to supply services to other utilities and to industry:

  • the supply of fuels (we are still receiving new shipments)
  • the installation of energy systems
  • the servicing of energy plants

As a responsible company, our priority is to ensure that our customers will not notice any difference.

Ready to help

The Danish government advises against all travel and has, among other things, closed the Danish borders, and large numbers of flights have been cancelled. That is why we are holding meetings via digital channels and, if possible, postponing any meetings that require personal attendance.

Many of our employees have therefore been asked to work from home, and they are available by phone and online and ready to help you.

All our customers should therefore be able to reach their normal contacts.

Follow the government’s advice

We must all help reduce the risk of infection, and Verdo therefore urges everybody to comply with the recommendations issued by the local authorities to reduce the spread of the virus.

We thank you for your understanding.

For more information contact

Nils Gottlieb Johansen