Waste to Energy

Verdo Energy´s decentralized Waste to Energy concept is focused on handling the waste where it is generated and converting the energy form waste into thermal or electrical energy used for private industries or local municipalities with a need of energy. We have four standard sizes for the waste to energy boiler plant, 4MWt, 6.7MWt, 10MWt and 15MWt.

Our energy system is developed to burn waste coming from house hold waste, industrial waste, RDF waste and demolition wood. The Verdo Waste to Energy plant complies with EC norms related to the waste incineration directive.


  • Decentralized and optimized waste to energy production plant
  • Reduced cost for waste handling, logistics and road transportation
  • Waste handling and generation of thermal and/or electrical energy in one location
  • Flexible energy production plant with capacity turn down from 60-100% of nominal load
  • Flexible fuel handling. A mixture of different waste types can be handled
  • Well proven technology and professionally supported by an experienced team of engineers

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Langå Heating Plant

The result of a creative solution: Efficiency increased to 109% and reduced operating costs at Langå heating plant.