2 MW boiler installed for Comfort Mebeli

A green step - boiler fired with manufacturing waste 

Comfort Mebeli is a well-known and renowned furniture company operating in Ukraine for which Verdo designed, delivered, and commissioned a 2 MW boiler installation fired with manufacturing waste.  
The installation consists of the fuel supply system, water boiler with a moving grate, flue gas cleaning and extraction system, ash removal and an integrated control system. 

We are glad that Comfort Mebeli put a great deal of trust in Verdo solutions. This is not the first time  
that our customer has invested in a simple yet efficient solution. In 2012 some of our employees were involved in the design and construction of our customer’s first 1.5 MW boiler installation, which is in constant use. 

Key reason to invest into a new water boiler and expand the infrastructure was becoming independent from external heat suppliers and increasing prices of energy. What is more, the furniture production process involves the generation of a great deal of manufacturing waste, which can become a valuable resource if properly managed. Having this in mind, our customer decided to invest into a second boiler line. Thermal energy produced in the process of burning manufacturing waste is used to heat social and production facilities. The new plant is fully automated, and the combustion process is constantly monitored and controlled. The entire facility is characterized by high efficiency of equipment and labor-saving solutions. The operation is limited to delivering fuel to the storage facility, removing combustion products, and machine and equipment monitoring along with periodic maintenance service. The new boiler line is fully autonomous, however, during the periods of higher demand for thermal energy it can work with the already existing 1.5 MW line. 

Like any other furniture manufacturer, our customer had to face the challenges of sustainable production. Therefore, they opted for an efficient and durable solution recommended by Verdo. Investing in own manufacture waste management and heating systems will certainly have a positive impact on the further development of this company and its independence. 

Finally, we would like to present some photos and a short video from the final stage of this investment –first fire in the boiler. We believe that this is a moment of pride for any company that designs, manufactures, delivers, commission and hands over the management of the project to the end customer. 


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