Team Verdo Trading

When 1+1 = 3.

Many profiles. One face.

At Verdo Trading, we believe that one plus one equals three. It is just a question of setting the right team. By putting the customer first and setting the right team of specialists, we create solutions far beyond what can be achieved by individuals. That is why we take pride in helping build good and lasting relationships based on openness, trust and competence. It all starts with the personal contact.

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Benny Corneliusen

Bioenergy Manager

Mads Faaborg

Head of Coal Trading

Mette Brandt

Bioenergy Manager

Thomas Juhl Holm

Sales Consultant

Morten Bo Spinding

Operations Manager

Sanne Lykkegaard Røjen

Transport Coordinator

Line Risgaard Mortensen

Purchasing Coordinator

Gitte Sørensen

Office Assistant

Mette Hamborg Nielsen

Office Assistant

Peter Berggreen Olesen

E-Commerce Manager

Benthe Sund

Division Coordinator

Henrik Nørbo Mosegaard

Administration Manager

Thomas Bornerup

Divisional Director

Morten Bo Spinding

Operations Manager